Food · 04. Juni 2018
This recipe makes me think about my childhood because I ate rice pudding so much when I was younger. I made a "clean" version of it with more protein than the usual rice puddings. Ingredients: - 100 g of rice (take the one especially for rice pudding) - 400 ml milk (regular, almond soy or whatever) - 50 g whey protein (I have one in 'rice pudding' flavor, you can also take vanilla) - cinnamon - flav drops vanilla - strawberries, applesauce, etc. as toppings - Xucker or Stevia (if you like the...

Food · 08. Mai 2018
Such a refreshing recipe for hot summer days! I didn't expect it to turn out that good, but it is delicious and tastes like real frozen yoghurt. You can top it with fruit, chocolate, nuts, seeds or whatever :) Ingredients: 500 ml natural yoghurt 1,8 % fat 50 g Xucker light, Stevia, etc. 50 g protein powder (lemon or cheesecake flavor) flavdrops (same as above - lemon or cheesecake flavor or whatever flavor you want to put in your frozen yoghurt) 1/2 lemon fruit, cookies, nuts, etc. as a topping

Food · 18. März 2018
Loving chocolate and marble cakes since I was a kid and so I created a protein marble muffin recipe. It turned out very veeeery good and so I out the recipe on my blog. There you go! :) Ingredients: 180 g spelt flour 80 g vanilla whey 30 g cocoa powder 100 g stevia (the one that you can use 1:1 as sugar) 30 g dark chocolate or Xucker chocolate drops 2 eggs 2 bananas 3 tsp. baking powder 50 g coconut oil 200 ml almond milk or other milk

Food · 01. März 2018
A very easy and delicious recipe for apple fans. Ingredients: 50 g coconut oil 60 g protein powder vanilla 60 g whole spelt flour 60 g oat bran 150 g light curd 3 eggs 2 tbs baking powder cinnamon flavdrops vanilla 100 ml almond milk 2-3 apples Preperation: Let the coconut oil melt in the microwave and mix it with all the other ingredients. Put the dough in a cake pan (I love my silicone pans) and start cutting the apples in slices. Cover the dough with the apples and sprinkle cinnamon over it.

Food · 13. Februar 2018
Absolutely loving this recipe! The banana bread turns out so fudgy and delicious - it's my favorite recipe on my blog so far I think. You don't need many ingredients and it's super fast to make :) Ingredients: - 4 ripe bananas - 40 ml coconut oil (liquid) - 3 tablespoons agave syrup - flavdrops vanilla - 200 g whole spelt flour - 40 g cocoa powder - 50 g coconut flour - 2 teaspoons baking soda - dash of salt - 100 g walnuts

Food · 14. Januar 2018
This time I have a super easy cheesecake recipe that is super rich in protein and low in carbs and fats. These are the ingredients (for a small to medium baking tray): 1 kg light curd 2 packages vanilla custard powder 4 eggs 50 g whey protein (vanilla or whatever you like) 1 teaspoon cinnamon Flavdrops vanilla 150 g raspberries 150 g cherries

Food · 08. Januar 2018
I love cheesecake and I love sprinkles. For this reason, I thought it would be a good idea to combine both in a healthy and low-carbohydrate recipe. Ingredients (for a small springform pan): Dough + crumbles: 100 g almond flour 50 g oats 50 g coconut flour 100 g coconut oil or melted light butter 2 tbsp almond butter Flavdrops Vanilla 1 pinch of salt 2 teaspoons of cinnamon or other sweet spices

Food · 30. November 2017
It took me a couple of tries to get these protein waffles the way they are now, but I'm pretty happy with the recipe. It contains only healthy ingredients and the waffles are delicious! :)

Food · 26. November 2017
Protein porridge is my favorite breakfast when I'm craving something sweet. You can add so many different ingredients and toppings to it so it never gets boring. The nutrition facts are good as well and it is the perfect start into a day!