About me

"The universe ha s a weird way of working out, and I believe that if you work hard, stay positive and never give up, anything is possible." - Paige Hathaway


My name is Lara and I'm a 25 y/o girl with a passion for fitness, food and fashion. I love to explore places all over the world and can't wait to visit more countries in the future. I want to help people reach their goals and make them feel good about theirselves and about their bodies. I have the strong belief that everybody is beautiful in their own way. Society is trying to tell us that we should look this or that kind of way, that somebody is too thick or is wearing the wrong clothes. Don't listen to them - just be yourself and be proud of it.


I have a bachelor of arts in fitness economics and studied for 3,5 years in an integrated degree program. I am now doing my master of arts in health management. I have several certifications and licenses as a personal trainer, nutritionist, group instructor and more. I love educating myself and learning more about the things that I'm interested in and planning to do my master of arts. 


I started with Instagram a couple of years ago just for fun and at some point I noticed that other people liked the stuff that I posted. It became more and more important to me and now I'm investing a lot of time and effort to make my account as appealing as possible. I love inspiring other people and I'm happy to help everyone that's struggling with their body, mind or soul. A couple of years ago I started with working out as a hobby and it has turned into my job. I'm grateful for that. First I improved my know how about nutrition just because I liked the fact that you can do your body so good when you give it the right food. Now I'm helping other people with meal plans and their nutrition. And it's so much fun.